What’s Wrong with Steven Gerrard?

I’m getting kind of annoyed with something in the sports right now. That is the hatred of Stevie G by the mainstream media. Maybe it’s because he didn’t turn out for Manchester United,… Continue reading

Maradona to Sheffield United? Not so Fast

The transfer windows are always fun, and that’s even before the invention of social media by Ashton Kutcher. I kid, it’s not him who created it. What would have English football been if… Continue reading

Filed for your Eyes – I’m Pissy

To think that these clubs even care about their fans anymore is a joke. And the fans aren’t going to do anything about it. The latest evidence entered into this argument is Chicago… Continue reading

The Spirit of Some Teams – Liverpool

For an American, it’s a common thought that the players get an extra shot of adrenaline when the fans are up for the game, match etc. However, when it comes to fan driven… Continue reading

Teams that Time Forgot – Preston North End

Now that the English Premier League can be seen by a large amount of people here in the States, it’s time for people to look into the football of yesteryear. One such club… Continue reading

Being a Fan, and Social Network During Footy

Granted, it’s a brand new thing, but social networking has changed life, for good and bad. Most of the time it’s for the good, the readiness of information and networking abilities nowadays makes… Continue reading

Five Things We Learned In Monaco

Monaco 1 – FC Lorient 0 The media has been abuzz with anything on Monaco for the past six months, with all the players they’ve brought in. So people are going to tune… Continue reading

Southampton is back, and let’s have fun with them up

For a person who wants to learn more about the sport, seeing teams like Southampton come up last year, and Crystal Palace this year, makes it fun.  Southampton has always been one of… Continue reading

I’ve said this before, but Young People SUCK

I’ve said it before on my show, BLOGTALK RADIO’s Vuvuzela, that there’s some teams in the sport we need to know about. Aston VIlla is one. I see in the sport there’s very… Continue reading

LFC Win, and #screwsuarez

So Liverpool needed Suarez, Right? Oh that’s right he’s out until the end of September for being a flipping crazy man. I’ve made my point about him on my show many times (Vuvuzela… Continue reading