Media Bias?

Come on, we all think that there’s a bias towards the club you support. It’s just part of being a supporter. We’re all condition to think about our favorite team, and any negativity that there is out there. That’s the sad fact of being a sports fan, we are all paranoid in some aspect. Life just makes us like that.

Following big clubs, and even as far down as second division teams, any fan can look at the coverage of their team and say that they are slighted. Or they can say that the media is talking about their opponent, rival, or issue the club has faced in a completely biased position. Most of this article is stemming from the media fall out of the Luis Suarez case. Which ever way you fall on that issue, if you are a Red, or a Red Devil, either way you can look at it, the media has been biased.

Anytime there’s an issue with a club, good or bad, fans can look at both sides of the issue and have an issue with that.Can we just take our minds out of our teams, and look at the picture as a whole?