The thing about Celtic and the English Leagues.

Here we go again, it seems like to me, every year there is another rumor about Celtic and joining the English Leagues. Yes i know the SPL isn’t in the best of shape right now, and yes I know that the other team from Glasgow (which will remain nameless here) is going to be liquidated. Plus there are teams in the lower leagues in England (Portsmouth) that are going under and can be bought by whomever. Ok, well the last part is always going to happen. Clubs go out of business a lot lately. Does that mean every time a club in the top two leagues in England threaten to go under, that Celtic is rumored to go over?

Right, so we are again hearing rumors around the various Celtic sites (and there are a bunch of really good ones) that the owners of Celtic are looking into the possiblity of buying the registration of Portsmouth, and bringing it back up to Glasgow. Kind of in a way making it Portsmouth Celtic FC, as a second club, or giving Celtic the Portsmouth registration and going into the second division in England. That’s a good idea, but do you want to move leagues, and have to take a year or two to adjust?

This is probably a good idea in the long run, for the simple fact, there’s more money, and exposure from being in the English leagues than Scotland, even though the SPL now has a contract to play games on TV over in the states. Too little too late? Or is it, a way to make more money fast. Let’s face it the SPL has become less of a league than old third and fourth divisions of the EPL. Less, exposure, less money, and no real shot at the Champions League. Kind of sad if you think about it. It’s one of the most historic leagues in the world, and yet, there’s little to no money, and the European spots aren’t really all that. Yeah they place in either CL or the Europa, but none of the teams make it out of the group stages.

It would be sad if the SPL was downgraded even more with Rangers going out of business and Celtic moving, but for the long term health of Celtic (and as of right now it’s a very healthy) a move to England would help the exposure and health of their club. If you think of it, how many managers in England are from Glasgow? A lot, so, move Celtic to England, and more players/coaches can do well.