Monthly Archive: March, 2012

My Official Three Sentence Prediction for tommorrow

This will be another of the boring games for LFC. I’d hope that it would be more than the typical performance we have seen from the last couple of matches. So, with what… Continue reading

Shanks didn’t build it in a Day. Off of Kenny

I love the fact that the media, and the fans are still all over Kenny. It’s not like it’s our given right to be at the top the whole time. And yes I… Continue reading

Radio Show, Tuesday night!

Media Bias?

Come on, we all think that there’s a bias towards the club you support. It’s just part of being a supporter. We’re all condition to think about our favorite team, and any negativity… Continue reading

NASL Team Capsule – LA Aztec

Time for another shot at a team from the past, and part of me is a huge NASL fan, even though I’m not old enough to know who, or have watched it. That… Continue reading

Who needs to be sent away?

I figured that I needed to add more features to the blog, so here’s a new one. A POLL! Simply who needs to be made redundant at LFC to improve the club, and get the… Continue reading

The thing about Celtic and the English Leagues.

Here we go again, it seems like to me, every year there is another rumor about Celtic and joining the English Leagues. Yes i know the SPL isn’t in the best of shape… Continue reading

The Idea of Fans owning clubs.

Looking around the net one day, I stumbled upon Ebbsfleet United, and their parent company, if you want to call it that, Myfootballclub. That got me wondering, how many more were owned by… Continue reading

Teams that time forgot – Bolton

I was thinking about starting this series, with a bit about Leeds or Nottingham Forrest, and being a Liverpool fan that would have been hard for me to do. Not that I won’t,… Continue reading

NASL – The Start

The Soccer Wars are over, the World Wars are over, and the Depression is over. The Soccer Wars refer to the first time there was leagues in America, but that was thirty years… Continue reading