Kevin Williams –

Imagine you are a parent, and your son has gone to a football match. You are so excited for him. Plus he’s going to see Liverpool in a FA Cup Semifinal between Forrest and LFC. Cool! What parent wouldn’t want their son to be happy? Without going into detail what happened that day, since so many have done it, and to be honest spoke on it better, he didn’t come home.

Imagine that something could have been done to save his life, as well as many others. But because of the lies, corruption and well the government at the time, nothing was done. What would you do? Well, as a UK resident, there needs to be something done, like sign a petition, and there’s 100k signatures that are needed to have new eyes look at. Oh wait there is.

By Thursday all UK citizens need to sign this. Due to me not being from the great UK, I can’t but I can implore you to do the same.

Regardless of who you support, or what your life is like now, it take minutes, and an email account. Why be someone who sits on the sideline and does nothing? Be someone who cares enough to change.