A personal blog – Why I write.

So, I don’t let the curtain back that much in my life. Most people who know me, don’t really know me. There’s so much I leave out of my life in my public life.

There’s few things that you lot know about me, where I live, my age, the team I love. Let’s step more into my life. My name is Stephen Brandt, and I’m the son of Richard and Carol Brandt. I have younger sister name Kristen Griffin, (she’s married to a dual-citizen, British and American named Nick, the best thing to happen to my life). Those who know me well, know about the last three years. I’m a Mommies Boy and I’m not ashamed of it. Through out my life, there’s been one person who loves my writing more than me (and I love it), she’s Carol Brandt.  I’m sure my father loves that I write, he’s the smartest man I know. But this blog isn’t about him.

I’ve led a very spoiled life, pretty much anything I’ve wanted, or needed has been there. I’ve not experienced anything bad in my life. NOTHING. Well, I almost flunked out of undergrad, and that’s not abnormal in the USA. That was until October of 2009. I remember like it was yesterday.

“Stephen, can you come home for the weekend?” My mom said on the phone. Just for your information I haven’t lived with my parents in five years. I live almost three hours west of them. I talk to my parents all the time.

“Yeah, no problem,” I said. Little did I know that I was being called home to have this said to me.

“Stephen I have a rare form of Cancer” My Mom said.

Ok slow down. My mother, the rock in my life, is sitting across from me at her office (she had an advertising agency, noting big, just your typical small town), saying that she has cancer. That hit me like a rock.

“We’ll get through this” Mom said.

“Ok”. I said. And for two years, that was fine. Until September of 2011.

Again, another call, this time I can’t rush home, I have a full-time job at this point.

“Stephen the cancer is back.” My mom said, in her normal positive happy tone.

“Oh mom, I’m so sorry.” I said. The next four months were hard, calling her every week, checking in with my father, and then the holidays.

I was fortunate to have some vacation time for Thanksgiving and got to spend a week with her doing what we liked doing, watching College Basketball (My first love) and yelling at the commentators.

Then Christmas happened. I had figured it was the last Christmas I was going to get with her. She wasn’t doing well, and I was worried, so I burned the rest of my yearly vacation to be with her. And help my Dad.

Christmas was sad, my mom was a shell of herself, still able to do stuff, but didn’t have the energy to do much. I was able to lift her, and bring her to and from places, and be there for her.

Well January 3 they stopped all treatment on my mom. Sad, I had my last moments with her, since I had to get back to work. I didn’t have to, I could have stayed and helped, but it was her wish, and my Dad’s to get on with my life, to not stop anything.

Saturday January 7th, some time in the early morning my mom passed on to the other side.

That’s not a call you want from your insanely strong, and amazing father. I can still hear him say “Stephen I have sad news for you, your mother died last night in her sleep.”

So why I write? Its because Carol Brandt took the time in my life, to teach me how to, to make a sentence sound good. There wasn’t anyone who loved my writing more than my mom. She’s why I started blogging, why I write on the sport, and why I extended myself this past year and wrote a lot more.

And she’s the reason why I will continue to write, why I will hopefully get the two books out that I’m writing.

Carol Brandt, I love you