It’s time we all unite for the 96

I may only be American, I may only be 32, but Hillsborough isn’t something that any human should be taking lightly or be clueless to. I think that everyone world wide has to be tuned into the world of Liverpool and Hillsborough. I could attack this many ways right now, but once again as an American, I need to come at it from a Justice point of view.

How are we twenty years out, and still having issues with what happened? And why isn’t there justice for this group? With the technology, and the newer people in the police, and the other justice forces? Why can’t people just get over the fact that it was a football match and get their damn minds in order?

I’m not trying to pour salt on the wounds of the survivors or the families, because that’s not me. I want tot pour salt on the idiots who blamed Liverpool, it’s fans, and drove Kenny, the players away from the sport for a while. It pisses me off that people chant about it at matches. It pisses me off that there are people who don’t accept blame for it. And that’s the police, Sheffield Wednesday, and whoever else. Yes I’m not mentioning that paper, but I won’t. You don’t do what they did and get away with it.

I may not have any connections outside of my Liverpool brothers and sisters, who I have grown found of, and have been there for me for some of my struggles, but I’m there for them. We need to get the Justice, we need to stop the hatred, we need to put this to rest. I’m Stephen Brandt, and I’m here for you all.