Pulling out an old column

I know, its very common during the season to hear another transfer rumor about players leaving the club. Most of the time they are boring, non-starter rumors that you can laugh off like a zit on your back. Then there are those rumors that are so stupid that they are repeated many many times a year. Those are what I call the pundits blowing smoke out to hear us yell at them.

And one such player that is always apart of this, our amazing captain Steven Gerrard. It seems like every six weeks he’s rumored to be heading to some team with a boatload of money who want to make the next step. I half expect to hear “Steven Gerrard going to transfer to the MLS to play for every team”. (But alas we know that’s a step below the Blue Square.

If Liverpool wanted to sell him, could they get Kaka money for him? Yes, without a doubt. He could maybe even get double of that. That’s never going to happen, because he’s from here, he’s true Red, and wants to be here. So we can rule that out. With NESV here, they won’t sell players who are ingrained in the community. Unless they are idiots. And Stevie G isn’t.

And now we have the turds in Manchester wanting to buy every player under the sun. We’ll hear about them making “approaches” to Stevie G, every couple of months. It’s not right, it won’t happen, and every time we hear about Stevie G going somewhere, we should just smack a Manchester United fan.